**UPDATE- Athlete Search Winner!

2015 Supplement World/NVIE Nutrition Athlete Search WINNER

The 2015 Supplement World/NVIE Nutrition Athlete Search was a huge was a huge success! We had contestants from all walks of life, all throughout Wichita showing us some awesome things.

After a tough decision making process, the 1st place winner was awarded to Rebecca Guinn!

Rebecca continuously impressed us with her efforts and social media posts throughout the three month search period. From painting her vehicle windows reading 'Supplement World & NVIE Nutrition' to using and promoting almost every NVIE product, Rebecca displayed awesome creativtity as well as excellent promoting skills. 

Rebecca not only took home $1,000 cash, but was also rewarded an NVIE Nutrition/Supplement World Athlete Sponsorship, as well as $200 in free NVIE products per month!

To surprise her with the announcement, we had Rebecca's husband Dallas sneak in the store to hand over her giant check and deliver the big news. Watch the video:

Rebecca wasn't the only one who took home some cash. We also awarded the top three runner up's with cash and prizes. The top four athletes in the 2015 Supplement World/NVIE Nutrition Athlete search placed as followed:

1) Rebecca Guinn

2) Chelsea O'Neal

3) Julie Mermis

4) Stacy Butts

Congratulations to the finalists of this years Athlete Search, and thank you to everybody else who participated. Keep an eye out for the NEXT athlete search and your chance to win!

*If you are interested in becoming a Supplement World sponsored athlete, please email athletesearch@supplementworldstores.com