5 Clean Eating Tips for a Leaner Physique

When it comes to maintaining a lean physique with minimal body fat; a sloppy diet can take away from all that work you put in at the gym. Avoid putting on extra fat and keep a tighter body with these 5 clean eating and diet tips:

  1. Eat breakfast

    You’ve probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This also applies to clean eating for minimal body fat! Feeding your body with proper nutrients when you wake will help kick start your metabolism along with improving your energy levels during the day.
  2. Small, frequent meals

    While it may seem like eating little to nothing all day would help with body fat and weight loss, it’s actually counterproductive. Going long periods of time without eating triggers your body in to storing it’s nutrients as fat for energy.
  3. More Protein!

    Try to eat as many protein packed foods as possible (lean meats, nuts etc.). Contrary to the belief that ‘too much protein makes you gain weight’, a high protein diet is essential. Use a lean protein powder for meal replacements or in-between meals to help increase your daily protein consumption.
  4. Menu selection at restaurants

    Just because you go out to eat doesn’t mean you have to stuff your face with a greasy burger and cheese fries. Most restaurants offer healthier choices. Look for grilled chicken breast options, and ask if you can substitute your side with vegetables.
  5. No late night snacking

    Since your body isn’t exerting any energy while you’re asleep, the calories in your system are more likely to store as fat. Avoid eating within an hour before bed, and try to keep your carbohydrate intake to a minimum within 4 hours of bedtime.