Non-hormonal Size Stack

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Includes Ligastan LGD, Innersteel liver protector, and PCT post cycle therapy



Laxoplex was designed as a prohormone alternative that yields similar results with no hormonal impact or toxicity.  Designed for increasing lean mass & strength, this unique product is non hormonal, promotes lean dry gains, helps to regenerate lean muscle tissue, balance cortisol and has been thought to increase protein synthesis up to 200% in some cases.  The active ingredient Laxogenin plays a major role in this prodigy because of it’s protein synthesis benefits.  We’ve added a few other ingredients that help in improving the potency including Stinging Nettle Root that helps to block SHBG from binding to testosterone allowing the body to use more “free testosterone”, an important factor in muscle building, and also Vitamin E TPGS-which is used to improve bioavailability of absorbed ingredients acting as an absorption and permeability enhancer.



Innersteel is the powerhouse of antioxidants.  Using the most proven ingredients for liver support and heart health GEC combined 6 highly effective ingredients for the ultimate detoxification.  This superblend contains 3 antioxidants for liver protection and 3 heart health ingredients to promote healthy organ generation and cycle support.  Milk Thistle, NAC, and ALA repair damaged liver cells, remove harmful toxins, and recyle the body's antioxidants.  Artichoke, Skull Cap, and Hawthorne berry aid in preventing heart disease, combat high blood pressure, and lower cholesterol to allow for a healthier heart and kidneys.  Innersteel is a great stand alone for overall health or to accompany other products to aid in organ stress.



Revitastane is the ultimate superblend of post cycle compounds.  Where most pct products have a single ingredient, Revitastane PCT has four.  One to target every problem associated with post cycle.  Arimistane-a power anti estrogen and cortisol blocker.  Daspartic Acid-known to boost natural testosterone in just 12 days.  Tribulus-known to increase the body's natural testosterone production, improve sexual performance, and help build muscle.  Mucuna Pruriens-used for treating male sexual dysfunction, antidepressant properties, and converts into dopamine, an important brain chemical involved in mood, sexuality, and movement.  With Revitastane PCT we've got you covered from every angle where post cycle is a must.


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