Mild Size Stack- 30 Day Cycle

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The Mild Size stack is great for beginners looking for a non-hormonal route to pack on size and strength. This stack runs for a cycle of 60 days:

30 Day Cycle Breakdown:

➤Laxoplex- 1 Capsule in the morning, 1 capsule at night
➤PM Tranquil- 1 capsule 30 minutes prior to bedtime





GEC Laxoplex-

60 Capsules

Laxoplex was designed as a prohormone alternative that yields similar results with no hormonal impact or toxicity.  Designed for increasing lean mass & strength, this unique product is non hormonal, promotes lean dry gains, helps to regenerate lean muscle tissue, balance cortisol and has been thought to increase protein synthesis up to 200% in some cases.  The active ingredient Laxogenin plays a major role in this prodigy because of it’s protein synthesis benefits.  We’ve added a few other ingredients that help in improving the potency including Stinging Nettle Root that helps to block SHBG from binding to testosterone allowing the body to use more “free testosterone”, an important factor in muscle building, and also Vitamin E TPGS-which is used to improve bioavailability of absorbed ingredients acting as an absorption and permeability enhancer.


GEC PM Tranquil-

60 Capsules

Tranquil PM is considered the missing piece of the puzzle and an often overlooked factor when it comes to repair and recovery for the next day.  The single most important factor in lean muscle growth is repair and recovery.  Facing the day to day grind your body becomes overworked with stress, exercise, and overall breakdown leading to a catabolic effect.  During the sleep cycle, paradoxical sleep is the desired stage in which the repair begins to take place aiding in natural GH release, balancing cortisol levels, rebuilding and recharging your body to prepare for the next day.  No more messy powders before bedtime,  Tranquil PM utilizes a one capsule serving with a synergistic blend of the most effective natural ingredients to support restful sleep and relaxation to restart the next day fresh.

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