GEC- Laxoplex Figure for Women

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Laxoplex Figure was designed for the same reason as Laxoplex was but with intent strictly for females and  with a slightly different modification of ingredients.  While most females desire to focus more on a toning & shaping goal in mind instead of the mass & strength like males, Laxoplex Figure does just that.  Using one of the same active ingredients, Laxogenin is still added as a base for the core of muscle production with additional ingredients specific to females such as aiding in metabolism, boosting the cardiovascular system, and flushing out unwanted toxins in the body with active antioxidants.  Laxoplex Figure is stimulant free and designed for muscle production, toning, and to achieve a harder, denser look for females


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TARA MILLER 31st Aug 2017

I never received

They sent me men's version because they were out. I don't have time to do returns but I want what I asked for or my money back. The men's version has a RECALL on it! I did my research, maybe y'all should too

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