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Intense training is both physically and mentally taxing. Not only are you ripping apart and tearing down muscle fiber, you are also willingly subjecting your mental faculties to a lot of undue stress, all in the pursuit of those epic gains you’ve always wanted. On top of that, there’s also the debilitating soreness that sets in the days following a weight room training  beatdown.

Wouldn’t it help to have something that limits muscle breakdown, combats the brain drain of weight lifting, and combats the horrific muscle soreness?!

You bet it would and that’s exactly why Condemned Labz created Confined!


  • Stimulates muscle protein synthesis

  • Combats muscle protein breakdown

  • Supports energy production

  • Reduces mental fatigue

  • Preserves lean muscle mass

  • Aids hydration

  • Accelerates recovery

  • Decreases muscle soreness


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