#teamsw Athletes demo day at the West Wichita Store!


Supplement World West Wichita on Ridge (view location details here) will be holding a demo day with 8 of the awesome #teamSW athletes on Saturday October 1st from noon to 4pm!

The athletes will be sampling out products, giving away tee-shirts and answering questions!

Along with the demo's, we will be offering store-wide promo's and discounts on all supplements! Come stock up while the savings are right! **Promo's and sales will be valid October 1st at both the Wichita and Andover locations.

See below for the athlete's demo times. We hope to see you Saturday!

Rich Oakman & Chelsea O'Neal

12pm - 1pm

Bill Wiggins & Andrea Amos

1pm - 2pm

Karl Brown & Tiffany Nguyen

2pm - 3pm

Shelby Nero & Candace Lowe

3pm - 4pm